Your prime tool for advanced retail analytics

Predictik A web platform that allows retailers to easily develop advanced analytics and data science insights on relevant KPIs from different data sources and inform their sales/ stocks operations and marketing targeting and markdown strategies.
A better way to build and monitor your business KPIs, increase your revenues and optimize your operations and better understand customers and markets behaviours

Our SAAS BI and machine learning toolsfor your business success

Monitor operations with customized and increased granularity

Filters via family levels , attributes , SKUs,other granularity levels

Reduce complexity of data management

Informed decisions using flexible reports-supporting omnichannel complexity

Optimize marketing and promotions expenses

Machine learning tools for forecasting and stores & customers clustering insights.

Sales and Revenus forecast

Customized reports for forecasting throughout items, seasons, and family levels. Machine learning forecasting powered by Azure ML to offer the most accurate algorithms

Marketing Targeting

Build and customization of marketing campaigns based on association analysis and customers behaviour

Our SAAS subscriptions offers the flexibility to purchase Predictik Services per module, or on one-time purchase membership. Get in touch with our sales team today !