Digital transformation for retail brands

From Omnicanal solutions to facial recognition and predictive BI, we develop the tools to assist you in your digital transformation throudh our Cegid retail expertise

ConnectiK API: Real-time synchronisation between Cegid and client solutions

ConnectiK is an Application Programming Interface specifically developed to allow the synchronization between Cegid Retail Y2 and any client solution. All configuration, update and management actions are kept centralized in Cegid while ConnectiK establishes the right connections to retrieve and integrate all information from and into Cegid Retail Y2 in real-time. The solution provides a real-time synchronization for all Cegid Retail Y2 data: orders, inventory, clients, product catalog, product images, loyalty programs, prices and promotions. ConnectiK doesn’t support the purchasing and reception flows from suppliers.

M-PoS Solution: A Mobile Point of Sale management solution

The mPOS Solution is a mobile point of sale management application synchronized with Cegid Retail Y2. Made to assist the vendor with his daily tasks, the application enables an intuitive and efficient management of transactions, customers, products and inventory for any point of sale. With a smart offline system management and an optimized power consumption technology, the mPOS solution ensures a continuous treatment in remote areas not covered by wireless or mobile 3/4G networks. Available on mobile and tablets

Smart Entry Counter Solution

Based on facial recognition technology using Artificial intelligence algorithms, the Smart Entry Counter solution connects to your cameras network to detect and save precise traffic flow information in real-time. The solution enables the detection of visitors by sex and age and generates several KPIs as: Traffic by hour, day, etc.. Traffic peaks and lows and Traffic predictions. Visitors transformation ratio, queue analysis, …

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